30lbs ⬇️2016-2019

I have struggled with bulimia for 20 years. I feel a tinge of jealousy when people tell me they “grew out of it” in their teens but I’m also happy for them. I’m better now than I ever was before and I take methylated b vitamins to contend with the anxiety I believe causes it.

I was never a binge eater, just a purger. For anyone struggling with it now, me and my five missing teeth are here to tell you it’s not worth it. I have good days and bad days, even good years and bad years–i also believe in myself.

The weight loss you see above is from redirecting my depression into healthy choices, not from purging (which makes me bloated and hungry)

Ideally I don’t care about losing more pounds. Just getting some muscle and maybe a more defined waist. Away we go!

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31 year old Daydream, fueled by plants and bad movies🎶 animal advocate, appreciator of noise, cat lady, swamp witch, vegetarian over 15 years. Philly to SoFlo. 🐱 🌴 💄 💀

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