Journey into booty building

I have dabbled in all sorts of exercises over the years. Thought about becoming a personal trainer because I love lifting (too introverted), went for a yoga teaching certification because I’ve practiced since I was a child (again, too introverted). Did few months of kickboxing. Took some aerobics.

Overall, I am bad at leaving the house.

This year I’ve resolved to combine my love of fitness with my love of staying at home.

  • To do list:
  • Buy a punching bag for the tree outback

    Teach my boyfriend what I know about kickboxing and yoga to fulfill my need for sharing what I know.
    Build a booty. All the rave, I know.

I already purchased this fitness band and so far I’m loving it. I build muscle in my legs fast so hopefully my butt will follow suit with the right exercise.

DMoose Resistance hip band

(Picture from brand post on

I’m excited to do this. He’s some booty befores.

Wish me luck! 💕

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31 year old Daydream, fueled by plants and bad movies🎶 animal advocate, appreciator of noise, cat lady, swamp witch, vegetarian over 15 years. Philly to SoFlo. 🐱 🌴 💄 💀

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